Dr. Fields Interviewed About Vascular Access

Dr. Fields using an ultrasound to find a vein.

Dr. Fields using an ultrasound to find a vein.

Jason Fields, MD, a physician in the Emergency Department  at Jefferson, is using an ultrasound machine to insert IVs more accurately, and less painfully, in patients’ arms. Veins can be difficult because they are small and often hard to see.

According to Dr. Fields, using an ultrasound is not only less painful for patients, but it also means that they can be treated more quickly, which reduces emergency room waiting times as a result.

In an interview with the Philadelphia Inquirer, Dr. Fields says that this is “one of the more gratifying things I can do in the ER. I’ve had patients call me their hero.”

Dr. Fields presented his research last week at the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine’s annual meeting.

Read the full “Ultrasound helps patients with difficult veins” story to learn more.

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