Migraine Headaches and Social Stigma in the News

William B Young

Neurologist William B. Young, MD

According to a new study led by Dr. William Young, neurologist at the Jefferson Headache Center, people who suffer from migraine may suffer the same level of social stigma experienced by people with epilepsy. The stigma is caused by the fact that people with severe migraine may not be able to work.

In an interview with WHYY radio, Dr. Young explains, “If you are told continuously that it’s your fault that you are the way you are, and you have an unacceptable, disgraceful condition, your physical and mental health are going to suffer.”

Dr. Young hopes that this study will bring more awareness to the social stigma that migraine patients experience.

For more information, read: “Migraine sufferers experience stigma in addition to crushing headaches, study finds” and “Social Stigma For Migraine Sufferers Similar To That Experienced By People with Epilepsy: Study.”

This story was also covered by the Philadelphia Inquirer, Harvard Health blog and the Chicago Headache Clinic blog.

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