Avoiding Sports Injuries Important for Weekend Warriors

Has watching the Olympics inspired you?

Just seeing these elite athletes, their dedication not only to their chosen sports, but to their overall physical fitness is crystal clear: Years of training has yielded the amazing results on display over the last two weeks.

Most of us, however, don’t have the time in our hectic lives – or the natural abilities – to become elite athletes. Still, participating in sports – individual or team sports – has rewards of their own. And just because I’m a weekend warrior, doesn’t mean I am not at risk of injury.

“Most important is that weekend warrior, that less frequent athlete really be smart about entering into the sport, particularly if they haven’t played that sport in a while,” says orthopedic surgeon Michael G. Ciccotti, MD, director of the Jefferson Sports Medicine Center. “Just slowly work your way into it, increasing the intensity and time you participate in the sport rather than diving into it.”

The goal is to help athletes at all levels from professionals to weekend warriors avoid injury, Dr. Ciccotti explains.

Should an injury occur, the Center is one of the largest sports medicine centers in the country. Staffed by the experienced specialists of Jefferson Orthopedics, the center evaluates more than 35,000 athletes and performs more than 4,000 reconstructive surgeries related to athletic injuries each year.

And if you haven’t met Jefferson Docs that Rock, you can listen to Dr. Ciccotti and 11 other physicians discuss various healthcare topics such as seasonal allergies, neck pain and bariatric surgery, or watch them in these online videos.

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