Get Answers to Your Integrative Medicine Questions

What is bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and how does it differ from standard HRT? How can acupuncture help cancer patients? Can you really relieve your stress by paying close attention to your breath and breathing?

Starting today, experts from the Jefferson-Myrna Brind Center of Integrative Medicine will be answering your questions about integrative cancer care, mindfulness-based stress reduction and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.

You also may wonder what integrative medicine is. Well, our doctors and clinicians can answer that question, too.

But in short, integrative medicine is a combination of traditional medical care with complementary therapies and lifestyle modification under the guidance of a physician. At the Brind Center, our board-certified doctors lead this “whole-person” approach to health and healing to create truly personalized care for our patients.

The physicians at the Brind Center work closely with their colleagues throughout Jefferson including the Kimmel Cancer Center at Jefferson to provide a science-based approach to integrating medical care and complementary approaches.

For cancer patients this can mean consulting on diet and nutrition, supplements and exercise in addition to access to leading edge clinical trials such as vitamin C infusions and more. And because physicians and clinicians across Jefferson are working together, patients interested in including complementary elements of their care get the help and support that they otherwise may keep from their treating physician.

Want to learn more? Want to ask your own questions? Please join our online forum Ask the Experts About Integrative Medicine. And you can follow the forum on Twitter using the hashtag #JeffCIM.


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