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  • @Jeff

    Question and Answer with Jefferson’s Lymphedema Specialist
    We recently sat down with one of Jefferson’s highly-trained, certified lymphedema therapists, Judith Folweiler, OTR/L, CHT, CLT, to learn more about the diagnosis of lymphedema and available treatments. The post Question and Answer with Jefferson...

  • Leadership

    Juicing Up Jeff
    This article originally appeared on for the Inquirer. Stephen Klasko hadn’t been running the Thomas Jefferson University empire for long before his thoughts turned to Sidney Kimmel. A Philadelphia native who became a billionaire in...

  • Nash on Health Policy
    Nash on Health Policy

    The Ebola Epidemic: From Student Inquiry to Action
    As a public health student, the Ebola epidemic in West Africa has been something that I’ve deeply thought about, especially after recently taking epidemiology and global health. I’ve read several news articles and I’m always left wondering: How...

  • Jefferson Comprehensive Concussion Center
    Jefferson Comprehensive Concussion Center

    Jefferson Plays Head Games at Franklin Institute
    This year the Franklin Institute is celebrating the opening of its new brain exhibit with a series of events surrounding topics in neuroscience and the brain. The first of these events, Head Games: Sports and Traumatic Brain Injuries, covered the...